Praga 2022-23 homologation: four of a kind

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IPKarting has homologated 2 chassis that will be available for its Praga, Formula K, OK1 and RS brands, as well as 2 new braking systems for single and multiple gears.

For the two-year period 2022-2023, 2 chassis have been homologated and will be available for the 4 brands owned by IPKarting: Praga, Formula K, OK1 and RS (the Ralf Schumacher branded karts). The frames are called IPK Dragon and IPK Fighter. The first one, the Dragon, is entirely made with 30mm tubes. The second, the Fighter, has a mixed 30/32 structure.

The choice of this diversification derives from the need to have different flexibility depending on the type of rubber used in order to ensure maximum competitiveness in every category and on any track. As far as brakes are concerned, IPK has homologated the new RSB.V3 rear system, while the already known STR.V2 front-rear system, designed for the categories with gearbox, has simply been re- homologated. Obviously, the chassis will be equipped with new graphics for the latest homologation fairings.



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