DR Racing Kart 2022-23 homologation: "braking news"

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DR Racing Kart confirms the homologation for the already ultra-competitive M92 and M99 chassis to which they add the J90, characterized by a new design.

The development work at DR Racing Kart continues at an incessant pace. In addition to the re-homologation of the S97 chassis with 30 mm tube, M92 with 30/32 mm tube, and M99 with 32 mm tube, for the period 2022-2023 the Lazio-based manufacturer introduces the new J90 specific for the gearbox categories. Compared to the other DR frames, the J90 has a different frame profile, the result of experience in the most important international competitions in which the Lazio team regularly participates. The body is made of Ø32mm chrome molybdenum tubes for the front crossbar and 30mm for the remaining sections. The thickness of the tubes is 1.8 mm in order to ensure long life and constant efficiency over time. The stiffness can be varied with the use of the special bars and, thanks to the Sniper system, you can easily adjust both the camber and the caster; the frame will be equipped with new fairings model KG508 and rear fairing KG C3 and with new adhesive kits. Regarding the braking system, you can choose the VEN11 DD systems for the single-speed categories and VEN11 KZ for the categories with gearbox, or the innovative VEN13 DD for the single-speed categories and VEN13 KZ for the categories with gearbox.

The most notable novelty concerns the pump, which features an innovative system for modulating braking called ABA (adaptive brake assistant). Through a regulator, it will be possible to calibrate the pump so that an internal system manages the braking force, avoiding wheel lock-up. This mechanism makes it possible to brake at the limit without blocking the tires, thus avoiding rear axle skipping and loss of grip on the correct racing line when entering a curve. An aspect to underline is how this function can be adjusted according to the needs of the category (different power) and of the tires used (different grip), but also for the feeling sought by the individual driver. The "range" of intervention of this system can range from neutral, i.e. not to intervene, up to managing the locking, by exerting maximum pressure on the brake pedal. Moreover, thanks to the special bearing supports, it is possible to vary the pitch.

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