Marc and Alex Márquez on the kart track

- Close Up
It's the turn of the two Marquez brothers, both on track with karts (KZ) at the Vendrell circuit. In addition to their fun factor, a type of on-track activity that can be considered a valid integration in preparations to a MotoGP season.

They are not, of course, the first to notice that although the driving technique for 2 and 4 wheels is clearly different, getting behind the wheel of a kart - mainly in the KZ category - forces the driver to be constantly engaged with the gearbox, so much so that it reminds us of the physical and mental commitment and effort of a Grand Prix motorcycle. This makes karting an ideal preparation, not only physical but also and above all mental for a motorcycle rider. Moreover, one of the advantages of karting, not at all negligible for MotoGP pilots, is the risk of injury, which compared to other disciplines often chosen for training - such as Motocross - is decidedly lower.
Marc Marquez was often seen on the track at Karting Vendrell (just outside of Barcelona) at the time of his recovery from his serious shoulder injury, and now Marc has started karting with his brother Alex (LCR Honda Team rider). The two competed at the wheel of CRG vehicles made available by the importer of the brand in Spain, Carlos Gil.


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