Rubens Barrichello at the Rotax Winter Trophy towards the ticket for the 2022 Grand Finals

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The 49-year-old Brazilian is back again in the karting world and this time he is aiming to get the pass to the 2022 Rotax Grand Finals.

Seeing Rubens Barrichello dabbling in karting is certainly nothing new. In fact, the former F1 driver has become accustomed to appearances and commitments of the highest level, such as the KZ World Championship in Kristianstad a few years ago, several Rok SuperFinals and the almost fixed "start" on the American karting tracks. 

Rubinho's love is infinite and this year too he has not given up his first love, returning to the Rotax Winter Cup. This winter the trophy will stage two events, both double events with heats and races on Saturday and Sunday on the American track "Orlando Kart Center" (Florida) - January 22 and 23 - February 5 and 6. In addition to the prestige and the high level of the competition, what makes the participants keen is the possibility of obtaining the coveted ticket for the 2022 Grand Finals, up for grabs for all the winners of each class. 

It is therefore legitimate to expect from Ruben yet another high level test in the Master Max category. 

In his last appearance in Italy some time ago, we had the chance to have a chat with Rubens, talking about his "second youth" in this sport and not only. 

Talking with Barrichello, what we perceive is a sanguine passion as few exist in a way more and more linked to business, in most cases, and little to the sporting and human side. A feeling that can easily be defined as pure, as his words say. 
«Many people tell me that they would like my speed at my age, but I simply think that arriving at my age and still having the desire for speed is wonderful, I do all this because it amuses me, I like it and I can share it with my children». 

Barrichello's point of view on young drivers, already some time ago was perfectly centered with what we live today, that is a generation that needs to be educated in motorsport, first of all for safety and passion, the same that brought him to be the people and the passion of today. 
«In my opinion young drivers are really interesting but often not educated to learn from the mistakes we all make sooner or later on the track. Many people have told me that after F1 I have been reborn, in truth it's more than twenty years that I've been on the tracks and simply doing what I've always loved». 

On Felipe Massa: «Surely Felipe's vision on karting is really positive but often this is not enough in our sport. To improve further we all need to work together in the only possible direction for the good of karting. We need to be organized to make young people understand what motorsport is and how to work on and off the track. When I race I see a lot of incidents that scare me, between changes of direction or things that cannot be tolerated».  

To conclude, many had glimpsed in Barrichello the right personality for the future of the presidency or, however, of the FIA Karting working group.  In this regard, the Brazilian did not actually close the door but rather gave an interesting hint that, today, given the incidents and dubious penalties would be of great use and importance
«In the future I would love to see a driver among the stewards as it normally happens in F1, in this case many difficult decisions would be taken in a better way having the eyes of the driver and the point of view to exploit. Me as a future president? Now I can say that before the driver I am a dad. When I have days off I like to be with my family, my dogs and then come to the track but to have fun all together. This is my priority for now...»

Photo: M.Gonzalez/StockCar Archive Media

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