Flat out with Tillotson's T4s on Daytona’s banking

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4-stroke karts, often snubbed for their "inferior" performance compared to 2-stroke, are instead exalted as everyman’s karting in the United States, also thanks to special events such as Daytona Kart Week, now in its 48th edition.

Traveling at 115 km/h wheel-to-wheel with other competitors for long stretches on the same banking where the aces of Nascar and Indy usually compete must be a great emotion for all those who have the opportunity to take part in Daytona Kart Week. The karts powered by the 225cc T225 Tillotson engine, better known as T4 (and the unique chassis produced by the Italian IPK), made their recent debut at the event in the Open category (which includes, among other categories, X30, Iame Leopard, Rotax). In the same category, the numerous Briggs and Stratton LO206cc engines, which in Italy and in Europe are slowly gaining ground in promotional categories such as the one organized directly by CRG. 

Andrew Fallon, Tillotson's four-stroke project manager, enthusiastically confirms the growing popularity of the Irish vehicles overseas: «Tillotson are making great strides and now also in USA with more adopting clubs and tracks getting involved. The motivation for many is the opportunity to take part in the annual T4 World Cup event which saw a healthy presence of US drivers in 2021.»
Details of the T4 World Cup next autumn will be announced shortly.


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