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Vroom launches on the market the 1:12 scale model of the CRG/Tm World Champion 2013 produced by Zetakit

Vroom inaugurates its line of 1:12 scale models of the most representative karts of the FIA Karting Palmares. The first exclusive 1:12 scale model produced by Zetakit measures 17 x 13 cm, perfect for every kart and modeling enthusiast’s display case or desk.
The kit is equipped with accessories of the highest level necessary to obtain an excellent level of fidelity to the original and, at the same time, to meet the expectations of collectors and the most demanding model makers.
The kit consists of parts totally prototyped  with the latest generation 3D technology in Stereolithography (SLA)
The first-choice resins allow you to create precise elements with almost imperceptible minimum layers and an elevated degree of detail at the sector’s highest levels. The package contains 50 elements starting from the frame, engine, tires, accessories, and graphics to be applied on the fairings.

Although Zetakit has been producing models for various brands for over 25 years, it had never produced a kart kit, an accepted challenge that put engineers and designers to the test to reach the level required by Vroom. A journey that begins with this CRG, a page in model-making that cannot be missing from the best collections of the many enthusiasts worldwide.

The advertised prototype was created by the internationally renowned model maker Gennaro Zappa and features a series of “aftermarket” accessories which are essential to obtain a more aesthetically appealing result, but customization in this sector is, as always, the prerogative of the model maker's imagination.

The kit, which will be marketed by February-March 2022, is sufficiently demanding for the novice who assembles it for the first time. However, Zetakit has seen fit to include the list and manufacturers of accessories used by Gennaro Zappa in the original packaging together with the technical scheme for assembly.

For this first edition of the CRG/Tm in 1:12 scale, the production of 199 kits is foreseen. The cost of the package is 169 Euros. It can already be pre-ordered via the link:

To request the model already assembled and finished as shown in the photo, please write to For this latter solution, the price and delivery times will then be communicated.

Created by: cggiuliano - 07/01/22

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