SKUSA abolishes the rule on bumpers: Video Marshaling system launched

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Starting with next weekend's Homestead race, SKUSA introduces an epochal change to the pushback bumper regulation for all classes. In its place, a Video Marshaling System to officiate race incidents.

SKUSA’s principal Tom Kutscher called the pushback bumper and the consequent assignment of penalties "a binary system", and who can blame him. “The pushback bumper in my mind was always a good example of trading one problem for another. We left it to a vote and the majority decided. However, now the majority have spoken out against it. Zero doubt, it cleaned up some of the driving in various classes. But it also introduced a new series of consequences, where many drivers were penalized unfairly. ”

Here in Europe, we know something about the 'consequences' Kutscher is talking about - and Vroom has often spotlighted the issue – but the Americans, who have seen the birth of karting, have - once again - expressed their pragmatism and provided a solution. The Video Marshaling system - to which a lot of space will be dedicated in the next issue of Vroom Magazine - has involved a considerable investment for SKUSA and will be tested in the 4 rounds of the Winter series.

On the basis of the feedback that will be collected, they shall decide whether to implement the system definitively also for the ProTour calendar which includes the Las Vegas event, which has now become an international classic at the end of the season. Important innovations will also be introduced in relation to the weight of the various classes (reduction of almost 7 kg for the X30 Master and 4.5 kg for the X30 Senior as well as for all classes). While waiting for Europe to take the cue to improve the regulations, we can only look at the USA SUPERKARTS! initiative with esteem and respect.

Created by: scorradengo - 04/01/22

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