RMCGF 2021 - DD2 and DD2 Master Finals close out the Grand Finals

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The finals of the DD2 and DD2 Master categories concluded the program of the 2021 edition of the RMCGF

RMCGF, DD2 Master final. Riche Morgan dominates ahead of Quellette
The DD2 final was a hard-fought final. The platoon formed from the very beginning has continued to dictate the pace for the 21 laps in the program. Riche Morgan and the Canadian Quellette manage to stretch. The final duel between the two is prerogative of the French. Third at the finish line the Brazilian Hirsch, good at keeping up with the group in the tussle.
RMCGF, Final DD2, Van Leeuwen precedes Kumaran
Kumaran, Barbaroux, Van Leeuwen and Locmelis are the quartet that characterizes this final since the beginning. Continuous changes do not allow those who follow to catch up with the leading group. A few laps to the finish line and van Leeuwen and Barbaroux manage to pull away about ten meters from Kumaran and Locmelis. The Dutchman closes the gaps and Barbaroux doesn't manage to slip through. The chequered flag thus sanctions the victory of Van Leeuwen over Kumaran. While Barbaroux will find himself 11th after a 10" penalty. Third place goes to Locmelis.



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