RMCGF, Senior Final. 8" penalty erases a historic win.

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Some things can only happen in this competition. A girl keeping behind the 2020 FIA World Champion cat. OK is not normal.

And from memory we have to go back several years to find a woman winning in such a prestigious competition as, say, the Trofeo Margutti in 1995 with the victory of Sophie Marie Kumpen (yes, Max Verstappen's mother!) or, in 1998, with Lotta Hellberg who was a giant in the FSA Cik Fia European Championship.
So after almost 25 years (a generation) Tereza Babickova would have left her mark, retracing the exploits of those champions. A much-deserved victory would also have highlighted and topped off what she had been showing since qualifying and then in the pre-final. The 8-second penalty for irregularities in the starting procedure broke the spell and canceled the highly deserved victory. An extraordinary, indelible – and sad - epilogue in the history of kart racing. However it went, Tereza Babickova put her rivals in their place, behind her in Bahrain in the Rotax Grand Finals Senior Max.
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