Kimi Raikkonen's last before the "new future"

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The Abu Dhabi weekend will put the spotlight on the Finnish driver's career after twenty years in F1, a World Title and iconic moments. Our interview with "Ice Man" already talks about the future.

In April of last year, Kimi Raikkonen himself granted our microphones the interview that will probably anticipate the new life of the 2007 World Champion between family and engines. On that occasion, the Finnish driver focused on the essence of any possible career in motorsport, that is, fun. An essential element that led Kimi to continue his career three years after the Ferrari era with the Alfa Romeo project. 

Reflection that comes from the first steps of Robin Raikkonen in karting, for now in the form of pure fun and hobby with dad Kimi on the mini kart CRG, immortalized by Mr. and Mrs. Raikkonen on social networks that leaves hope to the fans of the beginning of a great racing story.

- Kimi, we have seen that Robin is learning this discipline. What's the first thing you've tried to teach him?
"Having fun of course and being careful, you have to think a little bit about not doing crazy things and knowing where to brake and control, that's the first thing. We train a lot on dirt bikes and it didn't take him long to figure it out but I wanted him to know how to brake and ride slowly on dirt bikes, obviously he started with stabilizers first and then took them off. After learning the dirt bike, I wasn't too worried about the attention he would put on the go-kart. It was a little easier for my wife and I to trust, but now it's time to have fun. I don't teach him anything really other than that, and it doesn't matter to me that he drives in his life, so whatever he does is fine as long as he's having fun."

- Do you think Robin will soon be able to compete if he wants to?
"From what I understand in Switzerland and Italy you have to be 7 or 8 years old to start racing.  I think in Finland you can race earlier, even at four or five years old, in some small club races. Maybe one day if he wants to he can race, now it's just a hobby or something he likes to do. It's too early to predict."

- What is your best memory in karting and what did you learn the most from that time?
"Generally just the times we used to travel a lot, going on trips with the family. The best times were when we learned how to drive outside of Finland, because everything was so different. When we did the first race, we were probably last, that's when we realized how to do to improve, that was probably the highlight. Of karting I remember good races, good fights, generally it happened every time we traveled around the tracks, going from one race to another, I also remember the times I experienced in Holland, I think those were the best moments of my karting career."

Created by: scorradengo - 11/12/21

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