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As everyone prepares for the much-anticipated running of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2021 in Bahrain, we take a lap of the BIKC to give the competitors some interesting insight into what they can expect in Sakhir plus some excellent tips to work with. The driver will make the difference!

Main Straight
(Main Straight)
The BIKC is a high speed, fast and flowing track where you really need to stay focused and build your rhythm to get into the flow of this demanding layout. The track is challenging and there are chances for overtaking, plus you need to be clever. This is an awesome circuit where driver strength and fitness will play a significant role during this week of the Grand Finals event. To achieve maximum performance you will need to let the kart do the work, but there is no room for error when you are racing. It’s easy to lose momentum and then obviously sacrifice places.
The first sector is something special going uphill where you can lose a lot of time, so you need to stay on full throttle. Corner 1 is probably the best for overtaking. Just a small braking effort, lots of roll time and early on the gas. Trust the grip of the kart and line up for the left-right-left “swing” section (T2-T4) that has a slight up and down elevation, where if you start it wrong, you will end up wrong. This is full throttle for a few seconds.
Then it will be full break in the right corner at the top of the rise, where you cannot see where the track goes over the other side. Through this hairpin at T5, be careful of the track limits on the run-off and try to stay on the edge. T6 is a downhill right-hander. Carry as much speed as possible. It’s wide, yet you need to stay on track. Take the left kink (T7) flat out where the circuit levels out then use short, hard braking into T8 with good roll time. Be close, but don’t touch the curbs and again watch the track limits.

It’s uphill on the straight after this to T9 full throttle where the track is wide through this long right-hand corner and there will be many lines to drive here. It’s really a tricky corner and you cannot see what is beyond this until you are there. Better to stay off the aggressive curbs.

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