Turatello SR320

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A karting team semi-trailer

Given that Francesco Turatello is a former kart driver (who also moved on to cars), it is not surprising that he dedicates special care when his company, founded over 50 years ago, presents new trailer models.
This also applies to the recent series of semi-trailers, with three types of chassis available, among which the new Sr320 Reduced B is highlighted, dedicated precisely to those involved in karting. The raised loading surface is one of the peculiarities of this semi-trailer: the underlying area allows the various loads to be stowed through the numerous "by Turatello" roto-orbiting openings (with manual or electric opening) while the upper area manages to maintain a height of 210 cm internal, which allows users not only to stand easily but also to load the karts vertically without having to remove the front or rear bumpers.

Among the constructive designs adopted, we mention the staircase positioned internally, so as not to steal space under the awning. There are also various customization possibilities based on the different requests and needs of customers, among which we point out the possibility of installing a roof terrace, as well as three types of interior living set-ups: ranging from a simple office to a luxuriously furnished living space with extendable island, able to accommodate up to 6 people.

Among the other features, we find the European homologation according to the most recent standards, the 2,500 kg side, and the fact that the frames are entirely produced in-house at Turatello. More information on the entire production of the Villafranca Padovana company can be found on the website www.turatello.com
while for direct contacts you can call 0039-049-9070126 or write to info@turatello.com

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