Anatoly Khavalkin third in the World Championship at Campillos

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The Russian driver of the Parolin Racing team ended his first World Championship with a third position.

A result for which Khavalkin and Parolin had been working since the last part of the season and which, in the end, materialized not without difficulty making the first World Championship of the young Russian driver unforgettable. 

Friday's qualifying, however, did not leave the driver satisfied, as he was unable to set the first fastest lap time, mainly because of the traffic during the session and a track not easy to interpret. Seventh time in Group C, which forced Khavalkin to recover in all five available heats. 

A difficult task between a wet and a dry track that Anatoly interpreted optimally and managed to regain positions from the start. With a third, a sixth, a fourth, an eighth and a tenth place, Khavalkin put all his battles into practice and managed to qualify for the OKJ final in twelfth position. 

A wet final then allowed the Russian driver to express himself at his best and to enhance his driving style, recovering thanks to a good race pace for all the sixteen laps foreseen, obtaining the third position overall. A podium that rewards the great efforts faced by Khavalkin during the transition to the Junior category and especially projects him to the next season as an expected protagonist. 

A.Khavalkin: "It was a World Championship that I will certainly remember thanks to this third place. Our potential was really good and it was a pity about the qualifying. I want to thank a lot Parolin Racing, my mechanic, GFR for the engines, all my family and everyone who supported me". 

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Created by: scorradengo - 02/11/21

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