OK/OKJ World Championship Preview in Spain

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With the last round of the Champions Of The Future by RGMMC, all the protagonists of Presa Diretta will compete in the dress rehearsal before the 2021 World Championship.

The long-awaited and above all troubled last part of the season is now upon us. After the cancellation, rescheduling and replacement of the Brazilian World Championship, it is the Spanish kart track of Campillos to have the headlights already this weekend with the final round of the competition all branded RGMMC

The Champions Of The Future is a golden opportunity for all the drivers, more interesting than ever to collect useful data and especially experience on a track unknown to most in view of the world clash next week. The layout of Campillos has already impressed the experts both for speed and above all for the technical effort "caused" by the rapid succession of bends and fast corners. 

1558m to learn and memorise in detail in order to be ready in exactly one week's time. As for the competition of the upcoming weekend, it will be a direct confrontation between all the pretenders to the final ranking starting from the Junior with the Russian Kirill Kutsov at 187 points against the 179 points of Freddie Slater, chased in turn by the other Russian Maksimilian Popov with 159 points.
The matter is almost closed in the Senior category with Andrea Kimi Antonelli (back on the OK entry list after his first experiences in F4) with 196 points against the 175 of Arvid Lindblad right behind him with Joseph Turney (171 points) ready to take his chance. 

The kermesse will start tomorrow as usual with the official qualifying session which will bring the programme to a close on Sunday with the finals. RGMMC informs that the streaming will be managed by motorsport.tv, a great change especially for the future. 





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