Tillotson T4 World Cup: Van der Burg crowned champion

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This year it was serious business at the Whiteriver track where almost 100 drivers competed in the three categories of the Tillotson series, including the brand new Mini.

The queen class, called Senior, saw 60 drivers (from all over Europe, the USA and Central America, where the series is having a great success...) competing for the 36 places in the final of this second edition of the World Cup where last year the local driver Conor Mcpolin prevailed - also this year among the favourites. In the three days of races, which started on Friday in the wet, the numerous batteries (the drivers were divided into four groups) gave a great show thanks also to a unique circuit, with many ups and downs and a very technical conformation.

The Dutchman Berend Van der Burg was the champion on Sunday afternoon, even if the result was decided after the race judges' decision to penalize the winner under the chequered flag, Cian Caldwell, author of a perfect race and who had prevailed in a spectacular fight to five on the edge of tenths. To penalize him, unfortunately, an 'early start' that led first to an appeal, then to the inevitable (although the maneuver had not benefited in any way the Irishman) application of the rules. A stoic but unlucky performance by the Italian team, which saw only Thomas Brundu cross the finish line in 26th position, while Gian Maria Gabbiani, Laura Chizzoni and our Fabio Marangon missed the final by a whisker - after a good qualifying session - due to technical problems for the first and an accident in the last heat for the other two. Successes for Kernohan in Junior and Reilly in Mini. 


Created by: scorradengo - 21/09/21

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