United States Karting Grand Prix Changes Event Structure

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With the United States Karting Grand Prix (USKGP) always being about the competitor, series officials are confirming changes to the structure of the event weekend to better the experience. Taking place on the July 23-25 weekend, all USKGP classes will run on the Utah Motorsports Campus East Big Track.

“USKGP has always been about catering to the Karter, therefore, the event is changing the structure of the event to better match the interest level of the racers,” explained the World Karting Association President Kevin Williams. “Therefore, all USKGP classes will race on the East Big Track. This new change will also allow local and regional racers an opportunity to race one of the Utah Motorsports Campus tracks that they may not have had access to in the past.”
In addition to all the Road Race classes already offered, the Sprint divisions including Briggs 206 Senior/Masters, TAG Junior, TAG Senior/Masters, 100cc Senior/Masters and Open Shifter Heavy/Light will be running on the East Big Track with an open tire rule with the Tillotson 225 Senior class running under the previously announced Tillotson rules. Additionally, a new event schedule and timeline will be posted to the United States Karting Grand Prix website and Facebook page.
“This event has always been driven by the Karters,” stated TAG USA Director Marty Casey, “Together with our supporting sponsors, we honored the Karters’ level of interest.”
With online entries extended until July 18, competitors can register and complete the entire registration process online or choose to make their final payment on site at UMC. Walk up entries will gladly be welcomed.
A huge thank you to all United States Karting Grand Prix partners including Tillotson, RLV, Odenthal Racing Products, Kart-O-Rama, Italian Motors, CMC and Conrad Group Insurance.
Visit www.USKartingGrandPrix.com for news, information, class structure, rules, hotel information and more. Also, please visit, like and share the US Karting Grand Prix Facebook page.

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