FIA European Championship, Wackersdorf - Qualifying: Denner (KZ) and Van Walstijn (KZ2) on pole position

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The new European KZ and KZ2 season has started. First verdicts from the track with Emilien Denner in pole position for KZ and Senna Van Walstijn ahead of everyone in KZ2.

KZ - Denner what a start
The KZ duel starts with a unique and tight qualifying session until the end. Emilien Denner snatched the Friday titles by winning a convincing pole position at Wackersdorf in 46.994. The Intrepid Frenchman put together three good sectors, keeping a competitive Noah Milell at a distance, with a gap of +0.096sec from the top. Top three closed by the first Birel Art of Riccardo Longhi with almost the same time as Milell at +0.097sec from the pole position. Top five concluded with Marijn Kremers and Simo Puhakka. Sixth time for the World Champion and first CRG, Jeremy Iglesias, seventh Francesco Celenta, eighth Douglas Lundberg, ninth and tenth times assigned to Matteo Viganò and Alex Irlando. 

KZ2 - Senna Van Walstijn snatches the pole position
With 102 entrants there are six pole men in the group for KZ2, which is more fierce than ever. The Dutch Senna Van Walstijn did not disappoint the expectations by setting the best lap ever (47.085). Laurens Van Hoepen, wearing Charles Leclerc by Lennox Racing colours, also got off to a great start, leading Group B. Convincing start for the CRG "All Blacks" in KZ2 with Paavo Tonteri on pole for group C and Jorge Pescador for group D. Last two pole positions for Giuseppe Palomba and Leonardo Marseglia in groups E and F.

The European Championship will get into full swing tomorrow with the category heats streamed on


Credits: M.Segato


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