Become the first ever RMCGF E-Kart Champion

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BRP-Rotax is preparing a tour throughout Europe with the Rotax Project E20 e-kart including the DEKM races and stops at two races of the RMC EuroTrophy where you can win additional tickets for the RMC Grand Finals 2021 in Bahrain. Additionally, BRP-Rotax is offering several Demo Days for interested drivers to experience this new race feeling

Have you ever tried an electric kart on a race track? BOOST YOUR FEELINGS and visit one or more of the tour stops during the Rotax Project E20 tour 2021. This opportunity will change your ex-perience of racing. Speed up from 0 to 100 km/h in 3,5 seconds and enjoy full power from the start till the end of the race!
It just makes fun and offers a new level of karting: Plug & Play. The Arrive & Drive concept of the races includes a full service by the organizer as the e-karts are transported to the venue and managed by Rotax staff. This give the driver the freedom to enjoy the ride without any worries about anything else during the race weekend. 

Who wants to be the first ever RMC Grand Finals e-karting champion? 
Additionally to the DEKM, BRP-Rotax is now offering the opportunity to win additional tickets for the highlight of the year: The Rotax Project E20 Tour also stops at two races of the RMC EuroTrophy where at each is the chance to win a ticket for the RMCGF 2021 in Bahrain. Interested drivers should take the opportunity and register for the races in Mülsen and Wackersdorf in Germany as soon as possible. More information about the dates and how to register is given on the website.

Here are the Rotax Project E20 tour dates in detail:

1) DEKM Championship (single race weekend)
Please note that guest starters are welcome at every race of the DEKM!
June 04-06, 2021               Wackersdorf, Germany
July 09-11, 2021                 Mülsen, Germany July 30
August 01, 2021                Genk, Belgium
September 09-12, 2021   Mülsen, Germany

2) 2 Rounds of the RMCET Championship
(single race weekend, guest starts are possible) The winner of each race and the winner of the championship (counting both races) can win a ticket for the RMC Grand Finals in Bahrain. The RMCGF ticket is not transferable!
July 16-18, 2021                Mülsen, Germany
Septemer 03-05, 2021     Wackersdorf, Germany

3) Demo Days at RMC Events
Take the opportunity to test the Rotax Project E20 E-Kart for free prior to selected events of the RMC Championships during the practice sessions.
June 11-13, 2021            RMC Holland, Circuit de Landsard
June 25-27, 2021            RMC Italy, Ala Karting
July 23-25, 2021              RMC Portugal, Kartodromo de Braga

4) Demo Days at the Rotax Life Race
Meet with other hobby drivers and race enthusiasts at the first Rotax Life Race event and enjoy a great time. Bring your kart and compete against other drivers on the track. This special event is dedicated to having fun, gaining experience and meeting other people – join the Rotax Life!
June 18-20, 2021            Rotax Life race, Steelring, Czech Republic

5) RMC Grand Finals 2021
December 11-18, 2021  Sakhir, Bahrain International Karting Circuit

BOOST YOUR FUN and book your journey for one of the tour stops of the Rotax Project E20 tour 2021. Who knows – maybe you are the first RMCGF e-kart champion? We can not promise the win of the ticket. But we promise that you will experience a completely new racing feeling and lots of fun with BOOST button on the steering wheel. Check out our YouTube Channel for a first insight and then try it on your own on one of our tour stops!

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