FIA Karting European Championship, Genk - Qualifying

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The European Championship starts at the Belgian circuit of Genk. The new Junior and Senior classes have just put in their first official qualifying session.

OK - Ugochukwu/Lindblad, it's a fight right away
In the Senior category, it was Ugo Ugochukwu (52.109) who set the best lap ever, taking advantage of the optimal set-up on a track as uncertain as Genk in terms of weather conditions. Second place goes to Arvid Lindblad who precedes Birel Art driver Matheus Morgatto, respectively leader of groups B and C.
Last group records in the hands of Arthur Rogeon and Rafael Camara for groups D and E.

OKJ - Bohra takes first pole
Even the Junior did not disappoint expectations starting with a bang. The classification left no room for predictions but for total uncertainty. At the end of the session it was Akshay Bohra who was the fastest in (54.281), the best time overall and in Group A. Tight battles for the subsequent group pole positions assigned to Andres Cardenas, Dion Gowda, Freddi Slater, Ean Eyckmans and Luka Sammalisto in pole from groups B to F.

From tomorrow, the European Championship will get into full swing with the category heats.

Photo: M.Perrucca/Motorsportpictures


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