The Virtual Notice Board arrives on the Rotax app

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The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes in the way we approach racing (and life in general) some of which may not have been so obvious.

For example, in the new FIA International Sporting Code it is envisaged that official race documents can be disseminated in digital form: this both to facilitate communications between officials and competitors, and to avoid gatherings in front of the official printed boards.
To take full advantage of this new interesting possibility, the Rotax Global App has been updated, taking a decisive step forward: in addition to the already known functions of live-timing, live streaming, results, regulations, official virtual briefings and so on, it now integrates the Virtual Notice Board.
This allows competitors to open, read and download all the official documents that the race direction will make available, including rankings, grids, bulletins, steward decisions, penalties and more.
The Rotax Global App has therefore become an increasingly useful and essential tool for those involved in the Rotax Max Callenge and is available for Android and Apple iOS through their respective "stores".

Once downloaded and installed on our device, we open the Rotax Global App and look for the championship that interests us, adding it to the list

From here we can obtain more detailed information, opening the dashboard with all the icons that refer us to further information

By clicking on "notice board" we will access the list of official documents, shown in descending order (the last one is at the top) with all related data (time, race number, etc)

It is possible to "filter" the results through the pulldown menus at the top and do a "refresh" using the appropriate button (it is not automatic) to get the most recent feedback. It is also possible to connect to any link/url that the organizer of the race or the track made available independently from the race direction.


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