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One of the names of KZ2 until last year like Luca Bosco, is ready for the next step of his career with GT4 cars.

Until last season it was practically taken for granted to find Luca Bosco on the KZ2 entrylist with Charles Leclerc's colours. A career in the top series started early for Bosco, driven by the desire to compete and become an official driver. The most important results, as known, brought Bosco to the top levels of the Superfinal Rok Shifter with the overall triumph in 2019, repeating the Junior title in 2017 and more.

In 2020 he faced a year of transition and subsequently growth by changing supply and competing in the FIA season, a path that now proved more important than ever. Coming back from the official pre-season tests of the European GT4 at Paul Ricard, Bosco immediately showed off his consistency and lap times aboard a car so similar and so different from a KZ2 as Bosco himself explains, confirming the eternal thesis according to which karting forms the driver and then opens up different possibilities.

- Luca, we saw that you are testing a Mercedes GT4! Tell us about this new adventure. How did the idea come about and what races will you be doing?
«I had the wonderful opportunity to do the pre-season GT tests organised by Curbstone on the Paul Ricard circuit on 24 February. The test was focused on making contact with a GT car and seeing how I felt in the car, a great 'premiere'! The surprise was that I immediately felt 'in my element', I set the best time of the GT4s on the track. Since then I've had a lot of feedback from teams interested in my profile as a rookie driver. What I can say is that we are contracting with an important team and that I will be at the wheel of a Mercedes AMG for the European Series GT4 that will take to the track during the GT WORLD Challenge weekends».

- What emotions did you feel driving such a car?
«Once again, as in karting, I will be the youngest driver. The team was very professional and so was the organisation. Driving a car like this was something unique... I had no difficulty getting used to all the buttons, which is not easy, you have to manage so many things like the TC (traction control), the weight of the car, the speed, and tyre wear of course. It was all natural, however, and after a few laps I found my rhythm and at the end of the day I set the best time».

- How useful was your path in KZ2, your victories, and your feeling with the gearbox kart for driving a GT4?
«KZ2 has taught me to be precise and above all to have regularity lap after lap, comparing the times of other drivers, which are different between the theoretical and the real time. Also managing the pace on the track with other cars was not a problem for me, I can safely say that KZ2 trains you a lot as a driver».

- Will you still race karts in the future?
«I'm not closing the door on karting, but for now I want to concentrate on the car. My aim is to become an official GT driver. I will be at Monza for the first race on 14-16 April».



Created by: scorradengo - 24/03/21

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