Ugo Ugochukwu with McLaren

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The reigning European Champion has just signed an agreement with McLaren which includes him in its plans for the future.

The news has just been released by Zak Brown's own team, important news that launches the American driver into the plans of an F1 team steeped in history. 

McLaren have specified that they have been closely monitoring Ugochukwu's progress in recent times, which has been crucial for the driver who has been showing off especially in the recent season. The agreement provides McLaren Racing with an option on Ugochukwu services into the future, supporting the driver's development and evolution as he progresses through the junior categories of motorsport.

Within the McLaren press release, Brown and Ugochukwu commented as follows:

Zak Brown: "We have watched Ugo's progress with interest, so when the opportunity to sign a deal with him became available, we had no hesitation in moving. We will now focus on giving Ugo the right support when he needs it to help him realise his potential."

Ugo Ugochukwu: "I am honoured to be signed by such an iconic team as McLaren Racing so early in my career. To have the support of McLaren is fantastic and what every young driver dreams of. I'm focused right now on developing as a driver and racer, so having McLaren by my side can only help me on and off the track."
Credits: McLaren Racing



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