All-female motorsport with Natalia Balbo and Manuela Gostner!

- Interview
After two testing days in Lonato, NGM Motorsport has doubled the pink quota thanks to the presence of Manuela Gostner under the eyes of Natalia Balbo.

The team of the three partners, Nico Biasuzzi, Ermanno Feltrin and Moreno Fortuni, had the pleasure to host for two days the face of the all-female covered wheels, Manuel Gostner for a two-day of  testing in preparation for the GT season. The driver of the Iron Dames team carried out progressive sessions, increasing his feeling with the CRG... under the eyes of his friend, official driver and driver coach for the occasion, Natalia Balbo

The understanding between the two female faces of motorsport has livened up the week of the italian team, which has launched many interesting ideas for the two protagonists. 

Manuela Gostner will take part in her umpteenth GT season, this time a double one, as mentioned, with the Iron Dames colours and the contribution of the Iron Lynx Racing Team. Manuela will be driving the Ferrari 488 GTE in the WEC World Championship and the Ferrari 488 GT3 for the European Michelin Le Mans Cup. Natalia Balbo, on the other hand, is ready for the umpteenth season with the NGM Motorsport colours in the FIA Karting calendar and not only. With the new CRG materials, Natalia will work to follow up the recent seasons of exponential growth in the international scene. 

Here is the double interview.


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