Gerasim Skulanov: «The feeling with CRG was immediately very good, from all points of view»

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The new driver of CRG Team immediately scored an excellent third place during the Super Master Series of Adria.

The big name for the new 60 Mini branded CRG is Gerasim Skulanov, a Russian talent with a long experience in a 60 Mini which keeps on changing and raising its bar.

In the weekend just gone, the All Blacks worked hard to put the little talent in the best conditions to express his potential, already well known to the sporting chronicles, but more and more mature for the next category changes in sight.

Gerasim Skulanov told our microphones that he is satisfied and ready for the upcoming commitments with the Factory Team.

- Gerasim, you are one of the fittest drivers in this 60 Mini. Did you expect to be immediately competitive at Adria during the first races?
«The experience I gained last year is helping me a lot: I know the tracks, the opponents and I also know better the technique to help the team with the set up. I also have more confidence because I am more aware of my skills and joining such an important team as CRG has helped me even more from this point of view».

- How do you assess your first experiences in such a prestigious team as CRG? The working method and the target are definitely very high.
«The feeling with the team was immediately very good, both from the human and the technical point of view. Such an important factory team has many experienced people in its staff, who help me a lot in improving my performances. Also from a technical point of view the resources are huge: we have a lot of updates on chassis and accessories and we have very advanced telemetry tools. And thanks to Simone Catenacci and TM we also have excellent support for the engines. I want to win, but I also want and have to learn a lot from this karting experience. That's why my family has chosen to join CRG, one of the most winning brands ever, which has had drivers like Verstappen and Hamilton in its racing team».

- After a good third place, what are your expectations for La Conca and for the rest of the season?
«La Conca is a very technical and demanding track; but it is also very nice to drive and it is always nice to race on tracks like that. I think we can confirm in terms of a top 5 performance and also start thinking about points for the Series as well as a single race result. I am very confident and optimistic».

Foto: M.Perrucca/Motorsportpictures


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