Bittersweet Super Master Series for Kai Sorensen

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The American driver improved his weekend at Adria, despite a not too lucky OKJ final.

Kai Sorensen made a quick reset after a WSK Champions Cup to forget for the too unlucky weekend. The American managed to restart from the good speed he showed with the Parolin team, becoming competitive again right from the start. 

In Friday's qualifying, the fourth place in the group, has projected Kai to good heats completed with an initial 12th place on Friday, then improved during the Saturday with a eighth and sixth place convicenti. Unfortunately, some retirements during the heats affected the course of the American driver. 

In the Pre-final, Kai started in traffic but still managed to qualify for the Junior final, which he completed in a constant fight despite some minor problems with a P25 and six positions remounted. 

Photo: M.Perrucca/Motorsportpictures 


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