Skulanov with CRG, soon the announced

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According to the news we have been able to gather, Gerasim Skulanov will soon be announced by CRG as the new driver of the 60 MINI with a two-year contract which will also include the OK Junior.

After the great dynamism of the KZ market, CRG seems to be defining the MINI team with the same determination. Certainly, both categories are important in terms of market and, according to what we know, CRG is planning a series of announcements in the 60 MINI, where it expects to be present with about 6 official drivers. 

After confirming the Swedish Scott Lindblom (already with CRG last year), next week should see the announcement of Skulanov, one of the fastest and most successful drivers of the last season, when he was in the limelight with FK colours. 

The Russian has already tested with CRG at Adria and in these days he is on track at Lonato.


Stay tuned!
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