Pierre Gasly: healed from COVID 19 but not from.. kart racing!

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After being tested positive by COVID-19 and followed the protocol, Pierre Gasly finally made it back to the track in Dubai (the place he spent his self-isolation time), thanks to his friend’s Leclerc branded go-kart.

Tested negative, the first place to go for the Alpha Tauri driver was obviously a kart circuit. As seen on his Twitter profile, the brand new kart was a CL by Birel Art and as far as Pierre looked in the pics, he had great fun.
Despite of most of the F1 driver having fun on go karts (last in appereance Giovinazzi in Lonato - ed.), he drove a direct drive engine – which is the type of kart he has been racing his all karting career.
Fun fact, most of the young F1 drivers never raced in KZ, but drive a KZ when they want to spend a day at the kart racing circuit.


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