Marijn Kremers: « I liked the consistency I had last year, I want to get the World Champion title back»

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The 2019 World Champion and 2020 European Champion, Marijn Kremers is ready for the new path of the season that is now beginning.

Kremers will obviously still be the favourite for KZ 2021. After a series of outstanding results and two consecutive titles, the Dutchman will have the task of living up to the high expectations.
Kremers told our microphones that he has been training and is already back on track for the first tests. An important signal is given by the will of the Champion to return to the roof of the world, a feat he almost achieved last year after, however, he fought until the end finishing as Vice-Champion.

- Marijn, how did you train over the winter break? Are you already back on track?
«I’ve been trying to stay physically in shape like always in the off season. Besides that I’ve spent a lot of my time on Iracing, of course it’s not quite the same as real racing but you still get the competition part as well as keeping your focus for a 30 minute long time frame. I’ve had one test day already and we have some more planned soon».

- What do you want to improve in this season compared to 2020?
«Obviously I want to get the World Champion title back. I liked the consistency I had last year and want to continue that into this year».

- When will we see you on track for the first race?
«I’m not sure. At the moment my team and I are deciding whether to do the WSK Super Master Series or the WSK Euro Series. So depending on that we will see what my first race will be. Besides doing one of the WSK championships I’ll compete in the CIK races as well as coach the BirelART juniors. So I’ll be attending all the races the BirelART teams goes to».

- You have been working a lot with Maya Weug, what do you think about her promotion to official Ferrari driver?
«I’m very proud of Maya! She’s one of the hardest working drivers I know and definitely deserves this opportunity! She has always been one that had the raw speed and talent but she needed some fine tuning. Just some little things in how to setup your weekend to be fast towards the end of the weekend and not “panic” when things don’t go the way you expect them to. She’s made big steps and I’m confident that she will do well in single seaters this year, I’ll be watching!»

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