Viktor Gustavsson: «I learned a lot from last year, I want to achieve even more. We will see during the first races our condition»

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The 2020 European Champion, Viktor Gustavsson, is ready for the new season with the same fierce spirit!

The Swede was one of the surprises of last year, thanks to his performances he managed to lead the Charles Leclerc by Lennox Racing team to victory in its first official year. Gustavsson was able to improve session after session, so much so that he reached an optimal condition and a top-level feeling that, in fact, allowed him to become European Champion. 

However, Gustavsson told our microphones that he would have liked to achieve even more, a hunger for victory that he will transfer to this 2021 that has just begun!

- Viktor are you already back on track in this 2021?
«We've already done 6 days of testing with the team and the motorist for 2021, but there will be many more before the first races. I've been surprised how much I've been able to get my rhythm back and I've been very fast since day one».

- Last year you impressed everyone with your competitiveness. What are your starting points for this new season? 
«Obviously last year was extremely good for us, so obviously we will have a lot of eyes on us this year, but I think I have learnt and I want to do better. Honestly I have to say I wasn't entirely happy with my performance last year, yes I won the European Championship, but I think we could have achieved a lot more. So this year I changed a few things to get that extra edge on the other riders. But it's hard to know where you are until the first race».

- What will be your main objectives? 
«The main goals for this season are the European and World Championships. There are many other important races, but I will treat them as a way to learn and test ahead of the FIA season». 

- The KZ World Championship will be in Sweden, what does it represent for you?
«It's nice to have such a big championship at home, it will come with a lot of expectations and attention on me. If the fans can be there on the track, it will be even more special. I know from experience that it's harder to concentrate because you know so many people there and everyone wants to talk, etc. The main thing is to get into the bubble. 
The main thing is to get into the bubble and give your best. Obviously it means a lot and I've seen all the work that's been done on the track to meet that standard, so it means something extra for me, absolutely».

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