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The Californian COVID-19 situation is presently struggling with short supply and logistics problems associated with the vaccine rollout and for those reasons it is anticipated that a sizable number of the population in the state won't have the vaccine until mid-summer.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Prairie City Kart Track where the reunion will be held is part of a State Park. It is very likely that the restrictions that are currently in place (no more than 100 people on the grounds, period, plus no camping) will still be in place on the original May 8/9 dates set for the Vintage Kart Reunion 20th Anniversary.

With that situation the organisers have decided that there would be no point in waiting until the beginning of April to enact plan B, and have moved the Reunion to Friday and Saturday September 17th and 18th 2021. The program will be exactly the same. The website and all the forums associated with the event will be updated within the next day or two.

Vintage Kart Reunion Raffle Kart News

Michael Edick had made all the fabrication repairs to the 1960 Bug Wasp kart and the next step is to get the frame over to Robert Morris for powder coating.

 Tom Kelley has kindly donated a seatback bubble tank. It is raw steel and has a few dings and chain rash on it, but it will get painted just as they were on the original Bug Wasps.

The Max Torque clutch arrived from Jim Donovan, Gus Gustafson has sent the tires and Vince Hughes donated a GEM intake manifold for the project.

'Rick' has agreed to donate a set of stainless steel tie rods. This is in addition to the kind donations by Terry Ives and Will Rogers who have offered to help with other items as needed and other anonymous vintage karters who have also committed to helping out with pieces and parts.

The refurbishment of the old Bug Wasp is moving right along and after some discussion it was decided to open up the raffle to national sales. In the next week or so it is planned to enable raffle ticket purchase through the website. The caveat is that the winner, if not present, will need to make all the arrangements to have the kart picked up and shipped to their address within a certain amount of time. If that doesn't happen, then there will be another draw.

Thanks again for your interests! I'm REALLY hoping to be able to hang out with you all in September!

Dean Seavers


Created by: scorradengo - 26/01/21

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