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After the interruption of the previous months, the FIA Women in Motorsport project has reached its final phase in Maranello.

The finalists of the Ferrari Driver Academy Scouting Camp have tackled and almost completed the last step that will take them to the final selection that will elect the winner. During the last week spent in Maranello, home of the Scuderia Ferrari, the four finalists undertook a 360° journey. The girls underwent a full medical, nutritional and physical assessment, as well as media workshops and technical training. Some of these training modules were aimed at training the drivers to make the best use of their talents and to learn how to communicate effectively.
Top performance, however, does not only depend on physical ability - as the FIA press release points out. Emotional and mental wellbeing are key factors when trying to gain an advantage over the competition, and the Ferrari Driver Academy training programme applies innovative neuroscientific methodologies that allow objective and constant analysis of potential progression. Training with biofeedback - a mind-body technique - also helps to make subtle changes to the body and can therefore improve sports stress management and recovery, and the ability to control emotions under pressure.
After these initial stages, which were fundamental but off the track, the four finalists (Maya Weug, Julia Ayoub, Antonella Bassani and Doriane Pin) made contact with the legendary Fiorano track aboard the F4 cars. Before the two days of testing on the track, the finalists also had a session in a Formula 4 simulator. 
Michèle Mouton, President of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission, commented: "This is a fundamental moment in the careers of these young drivers and they have returned for the final selection more energetic and motivated than ever. They all deserve their place in the final round and should feel very proud of their achievements. It is exciting to see the continued development of our future female racers at such a young age and I am sure that, with the right opportunities, they all have the potential to climb the racing ladder."

By partnering with Scuderia Ferrari and its Driver Academy for this four-year programme, the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission has been able to develop a strong, long-term path. The Academy's aim is to help shape drivers in a number of ways, with a one-year contract with the FDA for an FIA-branded Formula 4 season in 2021 up for grabs.
Official results are expected next week. 
Credits: FIA Women in Motorsport

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