Jeremy Iglesias: «I chose CRG because I want to win again, so who better than them?»

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After making his move to CRG official for 2021, Jeremy Iglesias talks for the first time as an official driver about his decision.

Winning the 2020 KZ World Championship is still, and will remain, in front of everyone's eyes for a long time. A French World Champion who with great effort, with a lot of work and above all with all the possible dedication manages to get the result he has been working for his whole career. This is also Jeremy Iglesias, undisputed professional of world karting and one of the best representatives of the purest style of motorsport. 

Jeremy Iglesias told our microphones about the choice that led him to undertake a new path, the umpteenth of his career, ready to start. In these days CRG is proving to be the most active team in the paddock, not only with the French driver, but also on a general level: a clear message to the competitors, the same one that Iglesias wants to send. Winning and convincing together, this is the primary objective on both sides with the reigning champion who wants to repeat himself and the Italian team ready to attack the top, where a palmares of this kind must stay. The first tests will come later this month, followed by the first races of what promises to be an interesting 2021. 

 - Jeremy, you are a new CRG driver. When did you take this decision and what led you to it?
«I met Mr Tinini in December. I talked to him in his office for about four and a half hours about karting and more. We wanted to get to know each other better. I knew that CRG wanted to get back to the top like a few years ago, I was very interested because IPK couldn't guarantee me an interesting sports programme for 2021. Being the reigning World Champion I have to do everything I can to be able to win again in 2021. Who better than CRG?»

- What do you expect from this chassis change for 2021? 
«I know that CRG is of the highest quality! Now it's up to us to work together to have an optimal performance on the track. With a palmares like CRG's, of course it's clear that they know how to do it».

- When will we see you officially on track with the All Blacks colours? 
«I'm already starting today here in Brignoles (my brother's track) to get some confidence with the chassis. The real work will then start in Lonato in mid-January, when the weather will allow it, for our first official test together».

Credits: CRG 

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