Jeremy Iglesias and CRG: together for 2021!

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As we had anticipated before the festivities, CRG makes official the arrival of the 2020 World Champion!

The "All Blacks" continue to reinforce themselves by upsetting the KZ world, first with Alex Irlando and today with the news of the arrival of Jeremy Iglesias. The reigning World Champion arrives at the court of Giancarlo Tinini to confirm the best and above all to prove to be the great professional that in all these years of competitions at high levels has never stopped being.

A fundamental addition not only to create a great line-up, but also for the development of the kart and the great work in full CRG style, implemented by the French driver's experience and determination. So, the wait is growing for the first official outing, presumably during the next tests.

Credits: CRG


Stay tuned!
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