New Starlane "elbow" exhaust probe

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In its range of sensors to be connected to its instrumentation, Starlane has just recently added a new probe to measure the temperatures of the exhaust gases.

Among the characteristics of this thermocouple are the fact of being ultra-fast and with an exposed junction (and in this it is similar to the previous version) but above all of presenting a body curved at a 90° angle, a factor that allows to avoid interference with other kart elements or with driver's arm.

In addition to this, its characteristics of rapidity in measurement allow it to detect up to the last peak of maximum temperature at the end of the straights, and then quickly drop to give a more realistic minimum temperature value in the middle of the corner.

It is also possible to record even the slightest variations in temperature and carburation even during the rise of the engine rpm in the straight line, allowing the carburation to be corrected in a precise manner.

The new probe is in the Starlane catalog with the code STKM12R and at the price of 89 euros + VAT.

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