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Edgar Baadjou is the Team Manager of the famous GKS Lemmens Power racing team.

GKS Lemmens is based in the famous karting complex of Genk, the “Home of Champions”. Vroom Kart virtually met Mr. Baadjou to discover how the team faced the Covid-19 emergency, both in Phase 1 and 2.
 A balance about the 2020 racing season

 «2020 was something nobody ever imagined. We are now in a second lockdown in Belgium, so track time this year has been limited. Luckily the organizers of the races we compete in were still able to organize some great events. Both the BNL and Euro Trophy saw great fields considering the circumstances. Hopefully, in 2021 we can train and race more often».

A balance focused on the RMCET campaign. 

«We had a great season with wins and podiums in Micro, Mini, and Senior. Also, it was great that we could do the two rounds outside of Belgium, in Wackersdorf and Adria, making it a true Euro Trophy».

How the covid impact team race planning?

«Heavily, each race this year had many question marks around it. From rules of local governments, travel restrictions, to even drivers and mechanics catching covid».

How much time did you spend planning the season, and how difficult was to arrange everything?

«This year it felt almost constant due to the always-changing circumstances. Eventually, everything always works out, but it sure was far from easy».

What are the plans for the upcoming season?

«As a team, we will be competing again in The BNL, Euro Trophy and BMC championship. The aim is to go for wins and championships as always».
© photo: M. Segato

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