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The drivers involved in the 2nd edition of the Rotax MAX Challenge International Trophy had a busy day today.

In the morning, the last heats have been completed, while in the afternoon was the Prefinals' time.

Micro MAX - Christopher Feghali (DHR) had no rivals today. He took the pole after the Heats, and then he also won the Prefinal. Max Sadurski and Jacob Ashcroft (DHR) complete the top3.

Mini MAX - Harry Hannam (Dhr) was the best-placed driver after the Heats. The Strawberry duo, Ethan Jeff-Hall, and Thomas Strauven did 1-2 in the Prefinal. 

Junior MAX - The Prefinal was full of drama. Tom Braeken (SP Motorsport) won the race after recovering from P8 in just 3 laps. Then he received a 5” penalty and the victory went to Patriks Locmelis (KSB Racing). Evan Giltaire (Sodi Vitesse) is second, while Freddie Spindlow (KR-Sport) is 3rd. 

Senior MAX - After being the best-placed driver in the Heat, Louie  Westover left the room to the Briton trio formed by Morgan Porter (Argenti Motorsport), Clayton Ravenscroft, and Mark Kimber (Strawberry).

DD2/DD2 MASTERS -  Paolo Besancenez won the Prefinal in DD2, Grube Henrijs from Team Victoria took the victory in MASTERS.


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