The Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy in the days of Covid-19

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The "voice" of the Rotax in Europe, Alex Goldschmidt, told us his opinion about the 2020 racing year.

Alex Goldschmidt is the official voice of the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy and CEE Rotax MAX. He’s also one of the most authoritative columnists, that’s why Vroom decided to ask him his opinion about the Rotax series in the Covid-19 days.

1) How big has the impact been from COVID-19?

«In all honesty, it has been greater than a lot of people initially expected, myself included. This pandemic almost stopped karting and the businesses that are part of it in its tyre tracks in a big way, we were all stuck at home, wondering when we would be able to return to our beloved sport». 

«For me personally, I was wondering at times on whether the 2020 racing season was ever going to start, and would it be a year on the sidelines for us all». 

«But in July of this year, it was simply wonderful to be able to go back racing, and to be able to commentate on Rotax in Europe once again from August was something I am never taking for granted ever again. We all were pleased to see so many familiar faces and be united by the sport that we really love».

2) How many changes were made as a result of COVID-19?

«Quite a lot, including the mandatory use of facemasks, social distancing, making sure your hands are sanitised and abiding by the regulations set out by the respective regions that all personnel were travelling to, ensuring the security of karting». 

«There were even requirements in some cases to have a mandatory COVID-19 PCR test, such as certain people from particular countries for the final round of the Euro Trophy in Adria at the last weekend of October». 

«The biggest change, however, was the mandatory requirement to hold all race weekends behind closed doors, and not allowing any spectators through the gates - but that was compensated with live streams being provided for those who had to stay at home». 

3) Will movements be hurt, as a result of COVID-19, and if yes, how long in your opinion?

«Truthfully, it is a yes from me, but I can't really say how long it will be. As long as this pandemic continues in an upward trend, who knows what disruption that will cause. With winter now upon us, it is a time to reflect and be fortunate that we have been able to go racing this year». 

«My hope is that once the vaccine is proven to work and assist us in normal life, that maybe next summer could be the very earliest where we can welcome everyone back and have a lot more atmosphere at the race tracks. But even that may be a big ask at this moment in time». 
© photo: M. Segato

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