WSK Open Cup 2020, Adria - Heats round 2

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The second run program ends today on the Adria circuit, the scene of the last WSK event in 2020.

KZ2 - Pex still leader
Also in the second heats programme, it was Stan Pex (KR) who took the lead in the KZ2 group with two wins and a second place in the three heats available. Behind the Dutchman, Viktor Gustavsson (Lennox Racing) will start from the front row with one win, a second and third place, virtual third place for now in the hands of Danilo Albanese (KR) with two third and a fourth place.

OK - Barnard protagonist
In the Senior team, Taylor Barnard (Rosberg Racing) has been chosen for tomorrow's second pre-final. With three wins in three heats, the Englishman will be ahead of everyone in tomorrow's second pre-final, second and third place for Nikola Tsolov (DPK Racing) and the surprised Norton Andreasson (Ward Racing).

OKJ rankings and 60 Mini still unofficial with three heats to be played tomorrow, just before the pre-finals for Round 1 and 2 which will liven up the whole day.

Credits: WSK Media//Sportinphoto


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