WSK Open Cup 2020, Adria - Heats round 1

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On the Adria circuit the first program of direct fights valid for round 1 of the competition is completed.

KZ2 - Pex flies at the head of the group
Stan Pex (KR) with two wins and a second place secured the starting pole position for Saturday's first pre-final, alongside him Senna Van Walstijn (CPB) with a victory to his credit, third Danilo Albanese (KR). 

OK - Surprise Zhivnov 
In OK, the pole position for the pre-final of round 1 speaks Russian with Andrey Zhivnov ahead of everyone with a third, second place and a victory. Second and third virtual position in the hands of Taylor Barnard (Rosberg Racing), still at the top with a victory, third Niklas Pirttilahti (Forza Racing). 

OKJ - Linblad and Slater share the first place
After the OKJ World Championship in Brazil, Arvid Lindblad (KR) and Freddie Slater (RFM) are still the stars of the Junior. With two wins and a second place, it was Lindblad who secured the first starting position for the A prefinal, with a fifth, third and second place, Slater will be on pole for the B prefinal. 

60 Mini - Lammers and Przyrowsky protagonists
In the large 60 Mini, double pole position for the two pre-finals in the programme. Thanks to three wins, Renè Lammers (Baby Race) will start ahead of everyone in the A pre-final, Jan Przyrowsky (AV Racing) replicates for the B pre-final with two wins. 

Tomorrow will be the round 2 heats. 

Credits: WSK Media//Sportinphoto



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