RMCET - Machacek: «Adria, tricky but satisfactory!»

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Vroom Kart met Daniel Machacek, who won the 3rd - and due to the updates linked to Covid-19 - and the last one round of the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy placed in Adria.

 At the Adria Karting Raceway, Machacek fought with Michael Rosina, who won the first final. Thanks to the second race's victory, and the better result than Rosina in Race 1, the Austrian won the daily classification.
 Let’s start talking about Adria.
 «The Rotax MAX Euro Trophy in Adria was quite difficult for me. It was my first time in Adria this year with a brand new chassis. I also focused myself more on coaching activities than in racing, as happened in the past. Anyway, Free Practices started well, and I was always in the top10».
 «The track had different conditions so I had to adapt the chassis quickly to the track. The conditions were difficult but to be honest, I preferred the dry conditions because we found a setup that worked well. The final result makes me overall happy, of course, it is always good to win a race!». 
This season meant significant changes for you…

 «The season was tricky… I changed from the OTK chassis to the DR one, but I had already found a good feeling. In Genk and Wackersdorf, things were hard for me, plus I was so unlucky, especially in Germany.»
«The Covid-19 hurt the everyone business very hard. For example, we had many difficulties to train, especially in the first period after the lockdown».
 And for the future…
 «After this season, I’m looking forward to the upcoming season and to come back stronger than ever before. I want to thank all the supporters and sponsors we had this season: My mechanic Alex Waiker (Racingshop.at), the Team VPD Racing (Ernst Penninger), DR (Danilo Rossi) for the good chassis, and Bluepower by Jan Daems for the  good engines. I hope every driver of the world is staying safe and healthy in times with corona!»
 © photo: M. Segato

Created by: agiustini - 19/11/20

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