RMCET: Kai Rillaerts, Junior MAX 2020 Champion!

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Kai Rillaerts told us about his 2020 Junior MAX Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy crown.

Vroom Kart virtually met the young Kai Rillaerts after the decisive round of Adria, where the 2020 Rotax MAX Challenge drivers were crowned.

The boy from JJ Racing explained his experience in the last 2 rounds of the championship to us. 

Let’s start talking about Wackersdorf: «So in Wackersdorf I qualified in 4th, then in heat 2 the top 6 crashed in the first corner, so back to P20 but I climbed up to P11. Heat 2 I started 4th and made by myself some mistakes so I finished P7. Then I won the last heat. Then I started 3rd in the pre-final and won it! In the Final I maintained the leadership till the checkered flag, and I won the race».

And then.. Adria. «In the Qualifying Practices I was 10th because it was raining and I never drove in the rain there and I made some mistakes in my fastest lap. Heat 1 I had to start 10th and got to 4th place. In the Heat 2 I had to start again 10th and again to P4 but I had a front fairing penalty so I dropped to 14th position. Heat 3 I had to start P10 again and came back to P4. Then the final day was coming. I had to start P5 in the pre-final. I was racing with other drivers but then 2 drivers in front hit each other and I tried to go to the left but they hit me so I was in the crash and went from P3 to P10 but then I tried to stay calm and just drive to the front. I did that and took P1 and drove a gap from 2.1 seconds. I did also the fastest lap of the race. In the Final, I had to start P1. I had a good start, first lap still first, but then the second person behind me passed me and the person in P3 also, so I went from P1 to P3. I fought back and tried to take P1 again. I did that and also drove a gap of 4.2 seconds so it was an amazing weekend for us.»
© photo: M. Segato

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