Cooling in winter, the KE Technology range ideal for the cold

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The sultry heat that accompanied the start of this strange 2020 has given way to colder temperatures, which require and at the same time suggest different radiators.

Less than two weeks from the OK and OKJ World Championships in Portimao, KE Technology has opened the doors of its Arco workshop to show us the "New Generation": a range of products suitable for the colder temperatures we are preparing to find on the track.

We are talking about three products: KL006 Double, KJ004 Double, and KL150 Double, which have in common a special alloy, coming from the world of motorcycles, with which they are made. This alloy allows for significant weight-saving which on the scale is equal to 310 grams, which become 650 when filled with water, compared to the Standard Line.

But that's not all: the aforementioned novelty related to the special aluminum alloy, together with the reduced distance between the tubes, increases the performance of the radiant mass by approximately 10%.

Marco Pagani, Product Manager of KE Technology, also explained that this product was born from the weight-saving needs that many drivers have to face; both in gearbox and direct-drive karts. The use of the product in combination with the P400 water pump which sharpens the double flow of water within the mass is recommended; this is where the name "Double" was born.

The Double Line in numbers

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The KL006 - Double was designed for shifter karts, its working range temperature is below 25/28 degrees (air temp.); KL150 - Double and KJ004 - Double are ideal for direct-drive karts and their range is linked to temperatures below 20/25 degrees (air temp.).

Created by: agiustini - 29/10/20

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