Novelties on Dino Chiesa's karts in Lonato

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New solutions on the KR at the 125 World Championship

Interesting alternative technical choices were introduced to the karts of Dino Chiesa's team engaged in the KZ World Championship in Lonato, such as the brake distributor controlled by a lever on the gear lever.

Certain regulatory freedoms granted to KZ1 (a not exact definition but one which we use to distinguish from KZ2) such as those used this weekend in the KZ World Championship in Lonato sometimes allow to see some interesting alternative technical solutions applied. Thus, on the vehicles that Dino Chiesa's KR team brought to the South Garda track, in particular that of Mirko Torsellini, we noticed the solution shown in the images: the brake distributor is no longer constituted, in this case, by a wheel placed on the levers of the hydraulic pumps, but by a lever (such as those of the motorcycle brakes) placed directly on the shift rod.

The purpose of the system is to slightly increase the distribution on the front brakes in cases where it may be preferable, such as certain hard "straight" braking: it's enough to pull this lever before the area of ​​the track concerned, then it remains locked in a slightly open position, to be then unlocked (when no longer needed) using the button located at the apex of the gear lever. For now this solution has been applied only to the "KZ1" in the race, because on the KZ2 the question of having to use homologated brakes (and on the homologation there is a photo of the whole braking system, including the levers) has hindered its use.

Another solution - unprecedented to our knowledge - again seen on the KR during runs in wet conditions is the specific protections applied to the front brake discs. Derived from normal chain guards, these protections prevent water from ending up directly on the discs, compromising friction and temperatures. Until now we had seen similar protections only for the rear brake discs, or more "spartan" solutions in case of rain.
Photo: M.Perrucca

Created by: scorradengo - 04/10/20

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