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Our sport gives us incredible stories to tell that do nothing but celebrate the passion and cult of motorsport.

Pietro Bagutti is one of the new talents of the 60 Mini, one of the youngest ever during race weekends but certainly one of the first for passion and dedication to the motorsport discipline. The young Italian-English driver has undertaken this path from a very young age and, as we know, he has always been studded and guided by drivers who have made their passion and their dream their only goal, that is to become racing drivers. 

Pietro, like the greatest in motorsport, has done nothing more than express his desire to follow that "driving spirit" of the engines that, without ifs and buts and above all without any other push or further stimulus, has led him to take part in race weekends putting himself at stake like his idols. After a good route with important results in the Entry Level category, the jump in 60 International Mini within major events such as the WSK competitions, immediately aroused interest within the team and the paddock for a young driver of only 8 years old already with the mentality of the greats. The Bagutti family itself is keen not to make useless proclamations that too often have led to nothing, but rather encourages and follows little Pietro in what is nothing more than his adventure in motorsport. Like all the generations of "golden boys" that we slowly see assaulting the top categories, Bagutti impresses for the ability to learn worthy of the new generation that is increasingly avant-garde in its approach to the weekend, work with the team, innate skills and the ability to act as a team by reading a vital tool like telemetry right from the start.

- Pietro, how did this passion for motorsport begin?
"The passion for Motorsport was not handed down to me by my parents. I remember that when I was three years old I already had a great interest in trucks and bus, which I started to park on my dad's lap, who for work uses these great vehicles in his musical tours. The game that I preferred (which I still do) was during highway trips to recognize the truck models from behind at a distance of about 100 meters. The movie that bewitched me is "Rush", my first vehicle on wheels when I was 3 years old was an electric quad bike that my mother then kidnapped me because I was a bit reckless driving. A year later my first easy kart arrived and I inaugurated it in the car park of the industrial area of Piacenza on a small track of remote-controlled cars... from there the passion for karting and F1 has become an indispensable part of my days".

- What do you like about being a driver?
"Driving first of all, entering the track and putting myself to the test to improve my times. Chasing drivers and finding the perfect moment to overtake, adrenaline and speed while driving".

- How did you find yourself in a demanding race like Lonato (WSK) and how did you organise your weekend? 
"The level of the drivers is very high and at the age of 8 I had to give my best to overtake them and keep up with them, but I always put this determination into practice in every race. My times during the whole week of WSK were aligned with the best drivers, sure that the age, the experience and the many races that other competitors have already done in this category make a difference".

- What is your dream? 
"Without a doubt working in motorsport, the biggest dream is obviously to be an F1 driver. And then, when I grow up, I'd like to become an engineer in some important team and always live in contact with the engines".

- Have you already learned to read an important tool like telemetry?
"Telemetry intrigues me a lot, I'm analyzing it especially in the last races I've done. The possibility of being able to understand the engine and times in detail, braking speed and acceleration, details that have already helped me to understand which engines perform best and obviously where the driver is wrong. This sport is very beautiful but demanding in every sense, especially for my family who follow me and make sacrifices to support my passion. In these first 2 years of racing I have been supported by professionals who have and are helping me to grow and improve, Antonio Renda with whom I started and Roberto Di Cioccio's Revolution team who has followed me in these last races, both with such dedication and professionalism".

With such a passion, a road paved for Pietro Bagutti, ready to amaze and make his dream a real reality.


Created by: scorradengo - 26/09/20

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