FIA Karting European Championship, heats - Kremers, Trefilov and Zachary on top

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The race weekend in Genk continues with the program of direct confrontations. Kremers, Trefilov and Zachary mortgage the Final.

A lot of show in the suggestive Belgian setting of the Home of Champions kart track in Genk. The reduced heats program was completed by the three categories present.

KZ - Kremers returns to the command
Almost a year after the triumph in the KZ World Championship, Marijn Kremers (Ricciardo Kart) is back in front of everyone with one victory and two third places. The Dutchman climbs to the first starting position for tomorrow’s final, alongside him the surprise of the weekend Noah Milell (Tony Kart) with two victories on his assets but an unfortunate retirement due to a race contact in the very first direct clash. The Swede recriminates a possible pole position but enchants for the great potential available. Third place overall, for now, in the hands of Stan Pex (KR) with two second places and a retirement caused by contact with Milell. The top five are closed by Renaudin (Sodi Kart) and Longhi (Birel Art). Irlando (Birel Art), Puhakka (Tony Kart) and Viganò (Lennox) remain behind in seventh, eighth and tenth place respectively. Adria's trio of wonders will be called to comeback in tomorrow's final.

KZ2 - Trefilov first surprise
The German of SRP Racing comes out surprisingly, managing to get the first position on the starting grid of the KZ2 final. With a win, a fifth and a fourth place, David Trefilov will have to watch his back from Simone Cunati (Modena Kart) in second place on the grid. The Italian is the best placed driver for the title fight, also thanks to the great consistency in the heats with two thirds and a fourth place. Paavo Tonteri (SC Performance) follows in third place, still positive with a second, a third and a sixth place. Close the top five, Gustavsson (Lennox) and Marseglia (Birel Art), in fourth and fifth place. The Swede is called for immediate recovery to defend the points ahead, the Italian will be the first defender of the official Birel colors. Little glory for Van Walstijn (CPB) author of one victory and one retreat too many in seventh place, Palomba (Birel Art) struggles in seventeenth position.

FIA Academy Trophy - Zachary towards success
The young driver David Zachary becomes the protagonist of the Genk Saturday with the absolute pole for the final thanks to two fourth places and a victory. According to Connor Zilisch, winner in Adria and in full recovery from qualifying with two thirds and a second place, third Matteo De Palo with a fourth, a sixth and a second place, yesterday's landlord and poleman, Tom Braeken, wins one heat but pays an 11th placement in the last clash by slipping into fourth place for tomorrow's race.

Photo: Fotocar13

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