RMCET - Wackersdorf, Qualifying Practices

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The 2nd act of the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy has started yesterday with the Qualifying Practices.

All the classes involved, 4 from the Junior MAX to the DEKM, give to people exciting session. Let’s see what has happened.

Junior MAX - Stan Pex, who’s racing the last round of the KZ European Championship in Genk, should be proud of his driver Tim Gerhards who took the pole position in the Junior MAX beating Raphael Rennhofer (FM Racing) and e Czech girl Eliska Babickova (Tepz Racing).

Senior MAX - KR Sport had a 1-2 finish in the time practices thanks to Lachlan Robinson who leads the pack in front of e rookie Sean Butcher and the danish Mads Riis from DAEMS Racing Team.

DD2 - The two-strokes class was a feud of Sebastian Janczewski who took the pole position winning on Niklas Graenz (42 Competition) and Petr Bezel (KSCA) with a gap lower than 1 tenth. Bezel’s teammate Robert Pesevski is on pole in the Masters category.

Luka Wlömer is on pole in the DEKM class.


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