Taylor Barnard: «The last round will be a tough battle»

- Interview
The English driver is once again among the favorites for the victory of the European title after the great race in Sarno.

The weekend in Sarno marked the halfway point for the OK European Championship with the victory of a great Taylor Barnard. The british driver, the main face of Rosberg Racing, has officially returned to the standards of 2019 with a great performance that, in fact, projects him into the great final fight that will award the title of European Champion at the Wackersdorf (GER) circuit.

Ready to play his weapons to make joys once again Nico Rosberg after Lorenzo Travisanutto, Barnard spoke to our microphones.
«It was a very nice weekend we were very fast all week we managed pole in timed qualifying and carried that momentum into the heats. The package was extremely good all week with the engine and chassis working together really well and that played a big part in what helped us to win the race. The last round will be a tough battle but I’m hoping to carry this win into next week and hope for the championship win!»

Foto: KSP – FIA Karting media


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