Nikita Bedrin: «High temperatures will not affect performance, with hard work we'll do great things»

- Interview
After Zuera's third place, Nikita Bedrin returns to Sarno to aim for success!

Bedrin proved to be among the most dangerous pilots of this new Senior course. The victories on the WSK field and beyond have launched the Russian driver into a new dimension that last year he could not always find. The new Bedrin, on the other hand, seems to be ready to fight for a European title, especially after a good third place obtained on the difficult Spanish track in the FIA ​​opening event.

- Sarno is a track that has already seen you competitive. Do you think you can do well this weekend?
«Yes I think i can do well this week but we will need to be working very hard to get that result. Last year I won on this track in the first round of Euro series (WSK), so I know the track very well».

- How do you deal with a weekend where it is expected to be very hot? Will anything change on everyone's performance?
«It’s very difficult for me when it’s hot because I’m not really used to it and I dont like when it’s too hot, but it doesn’t change anything in my performance».

- Your goal for this weekend?
«I will try to do my best this week and try to win or get the podium. But as I said we need to work hard».

Foto: FIA Karting




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