Luca Bosco is back in the race at Adria track, «I can improve a lot, we have great potential»

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The new Lennox Racing Team driver has concluded his first appointment with the KZ2 European Championship on the Adria track.

Luca Bosco has picked up where he left off before the forced stop period and especially after a great 2019. The growth process of the young driver continues under the supervision of Alessandro Manetti, a growth process that is already bearing fruit race after race . Coming back after a long stop period is certainly not an easy thing, especially after having radically changed your material and your team. Bosco approached the Adria opening event in a proactive manner regarding the FIA ​​European Championship in the combative KZ2.
During the official qualifying, Bosco put his good feeling with the Italian circuit into practice, also starting to get in tune with the Birel Art material and with the Charles Leclerc by Lennox Racing team. A good seventh qualifying position for group E allowed Bosco to make the most of the starting position for Saturday's heats, which ended with two P14s and a P15. The unfortunate retirement in the last available heat on Sunday morning then prevented Bosco from entering the Final.

A result which obviously does not satisfy the driver but which certainly gives him hope for the future, especially in light of the few days of testing with the new material until just before the weekend. However, Bosco's resourcefulness emerged once again with the immediate desire to get back on track and work better with the team.
- Luca, tell us about your weekend in Adria!
«Adria was a pretty tough weekend from a psychological point of view I would say!»
- What do you think you can improve on in view of the second round of the European Championship?
«We certainly lack a few more days of training and other competitions on our shoulders. So I think I have a great index of improvement for the future and above all a good feeling with the new material I have available».
- How did you feel during the first weekend with Lennox?
«I must say that I had a great time, it's a winning team and they showed it right away. However, I always have Alessandro Manetti who manages the weekend with me».

- What did you miss this weekend and what goal do you set yourself for the second stage?
«As I said before, we still lack some training to adapt to the new materials, very different from the old ones. I certainly found a high level of competitiveness in Kz2, so I would say that today for me the podium would be like a victory and we will work for it!»
With this spirit, Bosco postpones the appointment to the second stage of the KZ2 European Championship with a great desire to return to the upper floors of the highest category.
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Press Release by: Fast Lap Communication - 18/08/20

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