FIA Karting European Championship, Adria - Heats

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The weekend of the European Championship finally comes alive with the heats for all the categories present.

KZ - Puhakka on top
In the premier class, the first two heats archived with the great pace already demonstrated by Simo Puhakka (Tony Kart). The Finn wins both heats with a wide margin on the competition and at this point, despite still missing a direct match tomorrow morning, he mortgages the first position in view of the Final. Positive Saturday also for the Birel Art trio with Marijin Kremers (Ricciardo Kart), second and then third between first and second heats, also good Irlando (Birel Art) third in the first heat and fourth in the second, recovering Longhi (Birel Art) from the seventh place of the first heats to the second. Matteo Viganò (Lennox Racing) undermines the first positions with a fourth and a fifth place, not bad the pace of Camplese (SC Performance) fifth and sixth.

KZ2 - Cunati, Gustavsson and Albanese the most positive
With three heats still to be done, the picture of KZ2 is not completely outlined but three names are already thinking of absolute pole. With two wins each, Simone Cunati (Modena Kart), Viktor Gustavsson (Lennox Racing) and Danilo Albanese (KR) are among the most positive of Adria's weekends. With three other good placings, the fight to start in front of everyone would be even tighter. ALL RESULTS

FIA Academy - Uncertain protagonists
Four heats on the Academy Saturday won by Weywadt, Al Azhari, Furon Castelain and Zilish respectively. Two more heats to close the program tomorrow.


Credits: Fotocar 13


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